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Technology solutions for today’s dental office.

Supporting dental offices throughout New England for over 15 years, we bring significant experience in installing, configuring & supporting technology in your dental practice.

If there is technology in your practice, we understand it and can address it at every level.

Evaluation & Consultation

We evaluate your entire office, not just the technology in it. We look at how you and your staff practice dentistry. We look at your space and how you work within it. We compare your existing technology against your needs and wants to create a path that leads to your successful reality. We provide objective facilitation of technology integration within your office.

Product Procurement

As a Dell partner, we can provide you with quality, business-grade Dell computer systems & peripherals optimized for use in a dental office, along with their comprehensive product warranties. We also have access to other top quality hardware & software in the marketplace from our multiple manufacturer and distributor relationships.

Preventative Maintenance

Just as it is important to floss and brush every day, it is equally important to consistently maintain your overall computer network in order to ensure best performance. On a routine basis we can take appropriate measures to ensure that your systems and applications are maintained to provide you with maximum uptime.

Diagnosis & Repair

With technology, just as in life, things can and do go awry. We are always available to assist you in your times of need. Our first step involves triaging your issue by listening to your issue and its impact on your practice. We will assess what steps may be necessary to take and will dispatch the appropriate resources in order resolve the issue in an effective, efficient manner.

Remote Technology Support

Sometimes you may encounter a problem or have a need that we can address remotely, either by assisting you over the phone or remotely connecting to the system(s) in question. Wherever possible and appropriate, we can assist in resolving your issue in this manner. The benefit of remote support is that you can be assisted in a quicker timeframe and can therefore lessen the impact on your overall practice.

Technology Recycling Services

In an effort to ensure the proper disposal of computer & related equipment, we offer to pick up and dispose of your obsolete technology in a safe and efficient manner, saving you from becoming an antique collector and allowing you to reclaim some of your storage space.

Technology Installation & Configuration

Practice Management Software

As Certified Integration Engineer’s (CIEs) for both Dentrix & EasyDental, we bring significant expertise to the installation and support of these applications in your practice. We have similar experience with other practice management systems, including Eaglesoft, PracticeWorks and SoftDent.

Digital X-Ray / Imaging Integration

More and more practices are expanding their office technology beyond the front desk and into the clinical areas with the use of digital radiography and imaging solutions. We bring the same high level of experience to this arena, with the installation & support of digital radiography / imaging software & hardware. Some of the more common solutions employed are for Dexis, Sirona, Gendex,and ScanX equipment, but we of course can advise and assist you with other solutions as well.

Computer Hardware & Peripherals

Some companies “drop-in” your computers and related equipment. We place your systems where they will make ergonomic sense to how you work. In the operatory, we make sure that the technology delivery system flows with your clinical delivery, not against it. In addition to proper placement, we configure your overall computer network to the specific requirements of your practice.

Mounting Solutions

Certain environments require that your equipment is mounted to be most effective. We have at our disposal a variety of mounting solutions for both your computers and your LCD displays. The mounting solution applied depends on your specific needs.

Audio/Video Solutions

More and more practices are incorporating dual monitors into their operatories to allow the patient to be entertained while still allowing the hygienist or dentist to have the computer accessible for their own needs. This dual functionality also provides the opportunity to display dental specific information (digital x-ray, intraoral image, patient education videos) to the patient on their display in lieu of entertainment. We can provide this solution to your practice, as well as more customized solutions, including distributed audio and/or video distributed solutions.

Communication Solutions

Whether you want to implement an internal communication tool to improve office communication or would like to explore a new phone system for your office, we can assist you with the installation & configuration of these solutions.

No matter what your technology support needs are, we are here as capable, competent professionals who can deliver the reality you desire. No matter what the task, we can work with you to make it happen. Contact us today to learn how Integrity Systems & Solutions can help.

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